Surgery recovery update

I realised that announcing that I was going to have surgery and then stopping updating the blog from the surgery date might be considered less than ideal, so this is just a quick update to reassure readers that I aten’t dead.

Anyway, I had my surgery last Tuesday as planned. It went fine according to my surgeon. It’s hard for me to tell – it’s somewhat in the nature of surgery recovery is that you spend a period immediately after where the thing you wanted to get better gets worse instead, and this one is very much exemplifying that. A week later I’m just about at the point where I can almost kinda breathe through my nose.

In general the recovery has been not much fun but entirely manageable – I spent the first couple of days useless, but since then I’ve been able to think OK. Despite feeling a lot like a bad cold it doesn’t seem to turn my brain to mush in the same way.

Anyway, hopefully in another week or so I might start seeing some benefit, or at least get back to feature-parity with pre-surgery me, I shall report back with some updated notes on the war on sleep when that happens.

Update: Apparently I was being unduly pessimistic. My breathing through my nose, while it still feels congested and uncomfortable, is actually now as good as or maybe slightly better than it was prior to the surgery in terms of measured airflow.

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5 thoughts on “Surgery recovery update

    1. david Post author


      I suspect “well” is a while off, but better is happening day by day. Incremental improvement is the name of the game. :-)

  1. Richard Bradley

    Thanks for writing about this. I am looking forward to your updates.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

  2. rrix

    I’ll have to read up on your experiments. My father and I have long had breathing/sleep problems due to nasal polyps. My understanding is that the surgeries for treating that are similar,a nd I should probably track that down sooner rather than later… Hope to see you back at it soon

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