I'm in black and white. That's how you can tell I'm artistic and cool.Hi. I’m David.

I’m a software developer, writer, and consultant. I’m most well known as the primary author of Hypothesis, a property-based testing system for Python, but these days most of my work centres around teaching soft skills to technical people.

This site used to be where my main blog was, and you can still find the archives of that blog here. I’ve also collected a list of some of what I regard as the “best” posts. This contains all of my most popular ones and a bunch of others besides.

If you want to see what I’m up to at the moment, and read some of my more recent writing, I can recommend:

  • My substack, which is a collection of writing mostly about life, society, and how to be better at things. It’s somewhere between philosophy and self help, only not terrible like that makes it sound.
  • My notebook, which is a collection of things that felt worth writing. It’s often very indexical (in that it assumes you have a lot of context for the things I’m writing about). Some of my best writing is there, but also all of that tends to be only best for a very small audience.
  • I’m on Twitter as @DRMacIver. I tweet a lot, about pretty much whatever is on my mind right now.
  • And if you want to hear more about my consulting services, I have consulting.drmaciver.com, where you can find out about my consulting services and courses for software developers, and read some of my more business focused writing.