Making my life more difficult

I’ve often been accused of subscribing to a philosophy of “Why do things the easy way when you can do them the hard way?”. Personally, I prefer to think of it as “Why do things the easy way when it’s wrong?”, but there’s no doubt that sometimes this make my life harder than it needs to be.

One example of this is in job applications. I’m very much of the opinion that it’s not about finding a job but about finding the right one. As such, this means that I’m not willing to compromise on who I am for a company. If they wouldn’t approve of me as I am, I’m unlikely to have any interest in working for them.

Last time this resulted in this post. It still holds true, but I don’t feel inclined to make such a big deal of it this time. However one feature this time which I didn’t have last is that I have a very non-traditional CV. I like it, but it won’t work for everyone. At least one company so far has had a distinct sense of humour failure regarding it. That’s fine – there are certainly no hard feelings on my part. My sense of humour and approach to life wouldn’t fit in everywhere, nor should it. As such, the CV style acts as a rather effective early warning sign for both sides.

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