Writing Elsewhere

For the moment, this blog is on indefinite hiatus. I intend to return at some point and continue to use this as a place to write more fully formed essays, but right now I’m doing my writing elsewhere.

The two main places you can go to read more of me:

At notebook.drmaciver.com I’m doing daily writing (Well, weekdaily. Weekends have anywhere between zero and ten posts per day), about whatever I happen to be thinking about. Currently a lot of what I’m thinking about is what I think of as “basic humaning skills“, but that tends to vary with my mood and current reading.

In parallel, I have just started a weekly newsletter, which will be about broadly similar subjects, and is also an attempt to create a small community of discussion around them – it’s another place to develop these ideas, and to get feedback and have discussions around them.

It’s also, frankly, a place where I’m going to get tried to get paid for my writing and all the work I do supporting it, so if you’ve enjoyed things I’ve written here, or on the notebook, I’d really appreciate you signing up for a paid subscribe account there!

And, of course, I’m always on Twitter posting about something.

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