More blogging over there

I recently created a notebook site and a lot of my recent writing has been happening over there.

It’s got a bit of a different character to this blog, and I do intend to return to better long-form blogging over here, but I’ve been a bit rushed off my feet by a variety of things in the last month so I’ve not had a huge amount of time to work on more “proper” blog posts.

In the long run I suspect I will be merging this blog into the notebook in some manner – I’m finding it a lot more pleasant to write in than WordPress by far – but for now I will attempt to balance the two.

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2 thoughts on “More blogging over there

  1. Paul Moore

    There may be a problem with your notebook site’s RSS feed – when I try to subscribe to it in InnoReader, I get raw unrendered HTML in my reader. I don’t know enough about RSS to be able to diagnose any further, I’m afraid…

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