New Fiction

I ended up writing a new story about Vicky Frankenstein. It’s called Pillow Talk, and is almost entirely Vicky and Ada talking about their relationship.

I’m not sure I was ever expecting to write a story about lesbian romance (well, Ada is bisexual. I don’t know if that’s canonically true, but having her be a lesbian would be somewhat surprising given her historical record. Also she predates modern labels for sexuality and thus might choose to self-describe differently). I lack a number of qualifying areas of knowledge for doing it well, but it seems to have turned out OK anyway.

Vicky continues to be extremely fun to write, and I’ve already ended up starting on a third Vicky story, the topic of which is largely inspired by this tweet (the original Vicky story was partly caused by a joke tweet too. It seems to be a theme).

This may end up eating into Programmer at Large time, though nominally I’m scheduled to write another one for this week some time. I am absolutely intending to finish Programmer at Large, but I seem to have made the whole thing bleaker than I originally intended, which combines poorly with the fact that I’ve been quite busy for the last month.

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