Weekly Reading Post #6 (Bi-Weekly Edition)

There was very little to report last week so I ended up skipping posting this for a week.

Random Links

Selected Links

  • Explaining and Harnessing Adversarial Examples – a neat paper about the fragility of neural network models when given things that are just slightly off the typical distribution.
  • E-Prime language – a linguistic style in which one avoids statements of the form “X is Y” in preference for “X does Z”. This was sent to me in response to my pointing out that arguments about the former tend to be very frustrating and largely go away if you focus on the latter.
  • How to Grow a Weetabix – an interesting breakdown of the effect of a possible exit from the EU on the British farming industry and landscape, along with a lot of interesting related information about British farming subsidies and their ecological focus.


I’ve been reading Thinking, Fast and Slow this week. It’s come very highly recommended, but to be honest I’m not very convinced by it. Part of the problem is that I distrust a lot of the underlying research.

Elements of Information Theory arrived as a gift from Zack M. Davis. Thanks, Zack!

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