You’re now all on commission

I would like more customers. This requires me more sales and marketing. I am bad at sales and marketing.

The solution is of course to have someone else do it for me. Which is why you’re all now on commission.

Starting from today, I’m offering literally everyone the following deal:

If you introduce me (personally, rather than just a scattershot “You should talk to these people”, though I’ll probably figure out some way to reward the latter too) to a business or anyone else who becomes a customer of mine, I will pay you 20% commission on up to the first £5000 I invoice to that customer. i.e. 20% of whatever I invoice, capped to giving you a maximum of £1000 per customer you introduce me to. This will apply to all invoices to that customer up to the cap.

The main things I offer customers are listed over on but in particular I offer:

I’m also potentially available for similar work for things that aren’t necessarily directly Hypothesis related. e.g . I have a ScalaCheck related contract coming up soon, and I can offer consulting on a variety of algorithmic or design problems. The commissions aren’t limited to anything in particular – it’s for any paid work (of course I may not accept any particular work just because you suggest it).

If you want to introduce me to someone or have any questions about this, please email me at [email protected].


  • For the sake of avoiding this being outright bribery, I’m not going to offer commission for introducing me to a company that you actually work for. I might change that later once I’m clearer on the implications.
  • If for some reason you are not able or willing to accept money from me I am happy to donate the commission to a charity of your choice.
  • What I invoice depends a lot on the project and the customer, but hitting that £1000 limit is definitely not implausible.
  • Neither this nor the 10% of each invoice that I donate to charity come out of each other. You get 20%, charity gets 10%, I get 70%.
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