Anyone want a speaker?

I’m in the process of doing a lot of speaking and putting together a lot of talks. This means I’m always up for new places to speak at. So if you’re looking for tech speakers at your meetup group, conference or company, read on.

The following are talk subjects I currently have ready to go (or could have ready to go on short notice):

  1. Various things on property-based testing in general and Hypothesis in particular. I’ve got two talks prepared for this: “Finding more bugs with less work” and “The plural of anecdote is not test suite”
  2. Gory details of how Conjecture works and why this is cool
  3. “Writing libraries is terrible”. A short rant about all the social and technical problems one runs into when writing open source libraries plus some things I think might help.
  4. “Your CI is the wrong shape”. A piece about designing your CI to fit with your developer workflow instead of spending all your time waiting on CI. Somewhat based on my empirically derived testing principles post.

I’ve done a large number of variations on the first one at this point. They’ve all gone very well, but I’m keen to try some of the others.

Also, I have plenty of other things I can speak on (if you’re at this blog you’ve probably noticed I have a few opinions to share) and haven’t turned into a talk yet, so if none of those quite fit feel free to get in touch anyway and I might have something for you.

I do have some (fairly reasonable) requirements:

  1. If you’re a meetup group or conference, you must have a code of conduct (which I will look at before agreeing).
  2. If you’re a paid conference, I require a free ticket if I’m speaking (I’m self-employed and on a budget until I manage to get my income variance way down from where it currently is, so this is particularly important, but I also think it’s just appropriate to not make speakers pay for tickets).
  3. If you’re somewhere that is not easily accessible from Cambridge UK (London is fine) I’ll probably need travel and accommodation expenses (see above. A London train fare is fine, but anything more than that starts to hurt).
  4. Half hour or longer speaking slots. I can do and have done shorter talks, but it’s just not worth it unless it’s at an event I’m going to be at anyway.
  5. If you’re a company then I’m still happy to do a free talk, but I’m going to want to sell you training and/or consulting services, so I’ll happily trade a talk for a meeting with e.g. someone who has access to training budget.

All that sound good? Great! Do get in touch.

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