Having another go at a vanity IRC channel

A while ago I experimented with a vanity IRC channel: #DRMacIver on Freenode. It kinda petered out, but I thought it might be nice to try again, so I’ve resurrected it.

So do join. If you’re not familiar with IRC, join anyway! Here’s a link to join via IRCCloud (don’t worry, it’s free).

Channel rules:

  1. Hypothesis code of conduct is in effect.
  2. There is no concept of off-topic discussion. You can talk about whatever you like. However note that I will be talking a lot about what I’m doing, posting links to my stuff, etc.

I’m basically treating it as an extended semi off the record commenting system for this blog and for other places I post things on the internet, so you’ll also get links to my fanfic, things I need help with, etc. I’ll probably set up some github hooks so most of my projects send commits in there.

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