Hypothesis 1.10.2 and 1.10.3 are out

Two small bug fix releases. I released one and then immediately found and fixed some unrelated problems, so two patch release for the price of one.

Changelog entries:

  • lists(elements, unique_by=some_function, min_size=n) would have raised a ValidationError if n > Settings.default.average_list_length because it would have wanted to use an average list length shorter than the minimum size of the list, which is impossible. Now it instead defaults to twice the minimum size in these circumstances.
  • basic() strategy would have only ever produced at most ten distinct values per run of the test (which is bad if you e.g. have it inside a list). This was obviously silly. It will now produce a much better distribution of data, both duplicated and non duplicated.
  • star imports from hypothesis should now work correctly.
  • example quality for examples using flatmap will be better, as the way it had previously been implemented was causing problems where Hypothesis was erroneously labelling some examples as being duplicates.
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