Hypothesis 1.7.1 is out

(Note: I’ve realised that this blog has a much higher number of interested readers than the mailing list does, so I’m going to start mirroring announcements here)

As of this past Monday, Hypothesis 1.7.1 (Codename: There is no Hypothesis 1.7.0) is out.

The main feature this release adds is Python 2.6 support. Thanks hugely to Jeff Meadows for doing most of the work for getting this in.

Other features:

  • Strategies now has a permutations() function which returns a strategy yielding permutations of values from a given collection.
  • if you have a flaky test it will print the exception that it last saw before failing with Flaky, even if you do not have verbose reporting on.
  • Slightly experimental git merge script available as “python -m hypothesis.tools.mergedbs”. Instructions on how to use it in the docstring of that file.

This also contains two important counting related bug fixes:

  • floats() with a negative min_value would not have worked correctly (worryingly, it would have just silently failed to run any examples). This is now fixed.
  • tests using sampled_from would error if the number of sampled elements was smaller than min_satisfying_examples.

It also contains some changes to filtering that should improve performance and reliability in cases where you’re filtering by hard to satisfy conditions (although they could
also hurt performance simply by virtue of enabling Hypothesis to find more examples and thus running your test more times!).

This should be a pretty safe upgrade, and given the counting bugs I would strongly encourage you to do so.

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