New discussion groups for randomized testing

One of the problems I had in creating Hypothesis was not really being able to ask “How do I do this?”. As as result I had to reinvent a lot myself. Some of the results of doing so are interesting, a lot of them just took five times as long as they needed to to reinvent something that was probably pretty well known.

Now I’m in the opposite boat. I do understand this subject pretty well at this point, and would be happy to help people out in building their own, but nobody knows to ask me unless they happen to have run into Hypothesis. And even now there’s a lot to improve on and it would be great to compare notes with other people.

So I’ve created a place to do that. There’s now a randomized testing google group, as well as a corresponding IRC channel at ##randomized-testing on freenode. They’re designed for anyone who is interested in the use and implementation of randomized testing: Anything from esoteric discussion of implementation strategies in shrinking to discussions about how to integrate randomization into your CI workflow to how to market randomized testing to people who aren’t convinced. Or anything else really.

If this is a subject that interests you, do come on by. They’re small at the moment, but hopefully shall grow.

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