How to stop Hipchat beeping at you.

Due to reasons, I’ve been hanging out in a Hipchat channel as a guest recently.

It’s not the greatest of software in the world, but it’s mostly not terrible. Except for in one respect.

Someone suggested two years ago that maybe us guests would like to be able to turn off the intensely annoying beep that you get on every message (I really really hate software that makes noises at me). So far Hipchat have not bothered to implement this.

I’d previously been using the following javascript in the console to pick up the slack:


For some reason this has stopped working today. I don’t know why. Some further poking around in the internals has given me the following better invocation:


This seems to still work.

I’d make some disparaging comment about having to work around other developers’ mistakes at this point, but with UX this bad it feels practically redundant.

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