Should you join Google?

I’ve had a few people who were thinking of applying to Google ask me if the fact that I’m leaving is a sign that they shouldn’t.

There’s a short answer is a long answer.

The short answer is: No, you should absolutely still apply.

The long answer is that you should absolutely still apply, but I would offer you the following advice:

  • Understand that the exciting thing you’re really keen to find out how they manage to do is probably going to be pretty disappointing when you find out and if that’s your primary reason for joining, maybe don’t.
  • Before you accept an offer, make sure you know the team you’ll be joining and have realistic expectations as to what working on it is likely to be like.
  • Understand the trade-offs you’re making by working for Google and make sure you are prepared to accept them.

Honestly I think this is good advice wherever you’re applying, but it’s both particularly important to do at Google and somehow feels particularly hard to do when you’re applying there.

If you have specific questions about joining Google and why I left feel free to email me, but bear in mind I am of course under a confidentiality agreement and once I no longer work there there won’t be anyone I can ask whether I can tell you something, so I’ll have to be a bit careful about what I say to you. You may well be better off finding someone who still works there and asking them to have a frank discussion with you.

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