Fallacies programmers believe about credit cards

Actually I only have one:

  1. The person trying to use this credit card wants to pay in the currency of the country they are currently in

I have encountered this as a problem multiple times recently: I live in Switzerland. I don’t however have a Swiss credit card, and my bank card is not one I can use to pay online. This is a thing I should sort out but in the meantime I would greatly prefer it if when paying on a British site they would give me the option to have my British credit card billed in GBP. Seriously, this is really starting to get on my nerves. You want my money in GBP. My credit card pays out GBP. Let me tell you to bill it in GBP instead of getting me hit with a foreign currency conversion fee by my bank.

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One thought on “Fallacies programmers believe about credit cards

  1. Elise

    I have no credit history, because I have been in mental institutions, most all of my life, so I never really got a credit history to begin with, because of being in mental institutions, most all of my life. Happy Holidays, to All of You Creditors, Out There, Amen!

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