With enough context, everything makes sense

From the work IRC channel earlier:

11:30 < DRMacIver> Oh by the way. There’s ice hiding inside the towel under the bowl. For reasons that totally make sense.

They do, too.

The ice was wrapped in a towel to keep it from melting. The bowl was on top of this because it had contained some of the ice for usage, on top of the rest seemed like a convenient location, and I figured a bit of evaporative cooling from the water couldn’t hurt even if it probably didn’t help very much.

I had the ice and the towel because I’d had to improvise a cooler box inside my backpack this morning. I put a bunch of ice in zip-lock backs, packed it around a Tupperware box, which I wrapped in a towel, which I put inside another bag, which I put in my backpack.

I needed this in order to be able to transport a mix containing raw pork and eggs at a sensible temperature in the heat, especially because my backpack tends to get quite warm from my body heat whilst cycling. Once at work I transferred it to the fridge.

I had this mix because I decided to make rosemary and paprika pork burger mix last night.

Which I need to transport to a barbecue tonight.

Because it’s Monday night burger club.

Which meets on a Tuesday.

Monday night burger club meets on a Tuesday because it used to meet on a Monday and we got attached to the name, so when we collectively decided that Tuesdays were much more convenient we were OK with the date change but changing the name would have been unacceptable.

Which is why, on this particular Tuesday, there is ice wrapped in a towel sitting on in our office kitchen area.

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