A curated feed of stuff I found interesting

A friend of mine rants about what a bad curation system RSS readers are. This is, in fairness, totally true. I regard this more as a symptom of the fact that RSS feeds are not really curation tools – they’re really just a convenient sippy cup for the information firehose. You can take that sippy cup from me when you pry it from my cold dead fingers, but lets not pretend it’s something it’s not.

Individual feeds of course may be more or less curated – some poor sucker has drunk the firehose and… filtered out the best water? I dunno. That analogy rather got away from me in an unpleasant direction. Sorry.

But the point is that a lot of people are doing curation – e.g. a lot of blogs I read do weekly link round ups.

I’ve been wondering about doing something like this myself. I read a lot of stuff on the internet. Most of it is crap, or at least uninspiring. It feels like I should be a good citizen and signal-boost the worthwhile stuff.

It occurred to me the other day: I’m already doing this! I basically have pinboard set up as a giant dumping ground for stuff I’ve found interesting on the internet (the most active sources of it right now are feedbin stars and tweets and me directly adding things to it). There’s even an RSS feed for it you can subscribe to. It’s a little noisy due to the tweet import, e.g. it tends to have links to all my posts here and whatever cute animal picture I happen to have tweeted or retweeted recently, but it’s mostly a pretty good representation of things I’ve found interesting on the internet. This might be to your taste, or it might not.

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