The cult of the giant global brain on moral philosophy

No conclusion in this post, more a series of observations leading up to a question:

  1. We should behave in a moral manner
  2. Ideally, we should behave in an effective moral manner
  3. As one of the great moral philosophers of our time said, “with great power comes great responsibility”
  4. So the more powerful we are, the more we should feel obligated to behave in a moral manner
  5. If we have strong influence over a powerful entity, it may be more effective for us to influence their moral behaviour than it is to act more morally ourselves
  6. Further, if we have the ability to give more power to an entity we believe will act morally than we are capable of exerting ourself, this will have greater beneficial consequences than acting ourself will
  7. Groups are more powerful than individuals

So my question is this: At what level should we seek to maximize our moral efficacy? The larger the group, the more effective it is, but the weaker our influence over it. And how much should we trade off our individual moral agency for group efficacy if we believe the group will behave in a moral manner?

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