But enough about me…

Man, I sure do write a lot on here, don’t I? I practically hog the microphone. Selfish, that’s what I call it. It’s like I think this blog is all about me. Well, if this blog is all about me why isn’t my name on it? Answer me that?



Anyway, enough about me. Tell me about you and some of the stuff you’ve been doing recently. Open thread. Please feel free to use it for shameless self promotion of projects, blog posts, etc.

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2 thoughts on “But enough about me…

  1. Franklin Chen

    Unfortunately, “enough about me” does not actually usually encourage conversation. Interestingly, however, in this case it spurred me to respond, because I have totally forgotten why I am subscribed to your blog. I know I found something on it that was interesting to me at some point.

    Anyway, here’s a question: I just looked at your CV and see that you used to work with Scala. Is there a reason you’ve moved on? This year I recently got into using Scala and am pretty excited to have moved on from Java finally for general-purpose programming.

    1. david Post author

      Well that’s why it was supposed to be a “Share something you’ve been working on” thread. Maybe I didn’t make that clear enough. :-)

      There were a bunch of reasons I moved on from Scala. Some, which I don’t want to get into, were related to the community. Some were related to a distinct dislike of the JVM (which I still have but have tempered somewhat to the point where I’d consider using it again).

      The biggest one, which I still think is true, is that Scala is confused. It wants to be too many things. In particular it contains a very nice better Java and a very nice better ML (sometimes even a better Haskell). Unfortunately in any given non-trivial Scala program those two sublanguages are slugging it out pretty hard and everyone gets caught in the fallout.

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