Now with added Flattr

I’ve been using The Old Reader as my replacement Google Reader. It’s not perfect, but I’m hopeful the bits that annoy me will improve (I think they’re about 80% scaling issues). As such I wanted to pay for it. They did a post recently saying that right now the way to do that was Flattr. I’d encountered the idea before but not really paid attention, but oh well. So I’ve signed up and am now Flattring the old reader. So to speak.

While there, I also hooked it up to my Github account, because it was easy and I figured I might as well. Then it occurred to me that this means that I in principle am also receiving money for my github projects (this doesn’t seem to actually be the case – the small number of people who have starred something I wrote don’t appear to have Flattr accounts. Oh well), and that if I was going to do that I might as well add a Flattr connection to my other primary repository of content online: Here.

So, yeah, that’s why you now see a Flattr link on each post and page on this site. I don’t really expect people to give me money, and I’m certainly not counting on it, but if you enjoyed something I wrote and want to say thanks, please do!

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