An audible experiment

So I’ve noticed, especially with the recent posts, that some people really struggle to understand my writing.

My working hypothesis is that this is is because people are idiots who can’t read. Some informal polling and discussion on twitter suggests that all my paid cronies followers seem to agree with me.

Admittedly this is a biased sample.

I do have a secondary hypothesis though: A lot of my writing is… not exactly humorous, but there’s definitely a thick overlay of sarcasm on some of it. I’ve noted in the past that my writing often reads as if I spoke it out loud and transcribed it, so it’s a lot easier to read if you know how I speak. Plenty of people seem to manage without, but it’s at least more understandable if you don’t.

So I thought I’d try transcribing some things. It’s a bit of an experiment, and I hate the sound of my recorded voice so I’m likely not going to do too much of it, but we’ll see how it goes.

First off, the lead in to this post. It isn’t perfect – I changed a few things on reading, but that will probably always be the case.

The other one I’ve recorded is my parable about problem solving (original text version).

Having now done that I’ve discovered that audio editing is bloody hard work. I can speak faster than I can type, but I can’t edit audio faster than I can edit text – despite already having written it this probably took me as long as it took to write the original post. So, yeah, I don’t think I’ll be doing too much of this.

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