Feeling tired? You should read this

I’ve had to give this advice to a few people now, so I thought I’d write an actual post about it for slightly broader distribution.

How are you feeling? Energy levels doing ok? Or maybe you’re feeling a bit tired. In fact, maybe you’ve been feeling tired for quite a long time. It gets a lot of us.

It’s very easy to accept being constantly tired as just a natural state of being. Maybe you’re overworked, stressed or full on burned out. It really does happen.

But a lot of the time if you are feeling constantly drained of energy it is because there is something physically wrong with you and you should see a doctor about it.

It’s extremely easy to suffer from nutritional deficiencies which can cause this. It is especially easy if you’re vegan, or even just vegetarian.

I’ve had this happen to me twice – once with vitamin B12 deficiency, once with vitamin D deficiency. Iron is another common thing you could be deficient in that would cause a lack of energy, though I’ve not personally experienced it. In the case of the vitamin D it was just completely magical watching the problem go away as soon as I started taking supplements. The B12 I was more borderline so the improvement from fixing it was not as dramatic, but for people who have serious problems with it I’ve heard similar reports of magically returning energy levels.

This isn’t necessarily what’s wrong with you, and I’m not in any way competent to offer you medical advice, but if you are having problems with your energy levels and you haven’t seen your doctor about it I would strongly encourage you to go see them about it an ask for a blood test to check for standard nutritional deficiencies. It’s easy, quick and may completely change your life.

Edit for clarification: There is a lot of bullshit in the vitamin and supplement industry. Do not uncritically read this post and go “I have a deficiency! I will buy pills and it will make everything better!”. My advice is not “You have a deficiency. Take supplements” it is “You might have a deficiency. Go see a doctor and find out”

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