Advance warning of advanced mathematics

A long, long time ago (about 6 years now) my friend John Bytheway and I were working on a joint paper. It was an odd little thing – a combination of Banach Space geometry and point-set topology with just enough analysis in between to glue the two together. There was probably something publishable in it, but we never really got it to a point where we were happy enough with the results to try. Still, I really quite liked the material in it, and I seem to come back to it every few years, polish bits of it, have a tinker and wonder if it’s worth trying to get it published. Part of this was we discovered later on that less of it was new than we’d previously believed.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t care enough about the stamp of approval for being published in a journal but that I’d quite like to get the results out in public, for some closure if nothing else but also in case anyone finds them interesting/useful. So I’m going to dig up some of the individual material and try to package them up so they stand alone as blog posts and just put them up here.

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