Dietary rearrangement

It’s funny. I thought I was adjusting my diet to become more normal. I’m actively in the process of trying to acclimatize myself to eating meat again. it’s not going very well, but it is going.

But then the guardian threw me a curve ball when I read this article.

My reaction to it can be pretty accurately summarised in three words:

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

I don’t really have an ethical problem with killing individual fish (Or animals for that matter). I can see the objections, but I just don’t find it that big a deal. Sorry guys, you are unimportant and tasty. Nom nom nom.

But… there’s a big difference between killing individuals and what is basically tantamount to fish genocide. And I don’t really think I can ethically take part in that. So I’m not going to.

I’ve basically decided that from this day forth I will no longer eat non-farmed fish. No special consideration for “ethically caught” fish, because at this point I think the only ethical thing to do is to stop catching the damn fish.

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One thought on “Dietary rearrangement

  1. Georg Crocoll

    I’ve just stumbled upon your post because I’m currently interested in diet and changing mine every so often – and because your blog is somehow connected to other blogs on Scala.

    About two weeks ago I’ve read about the state of the global fish stocks and exactly the same three words came to my mind: Holy. Fucking. Shit. (also accompanied by near-physical nausea).
    But to make matters even worse I watched a video about farmed fish, which I think is worth sharing:

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