Sleep as an Droid export data

This is possibly the single most niche piece of software I have ever written…

I use a sleep tracker called “Sleep as an Droid”. I wish to be able to get data out of it. Fortunately, it has a data export feature. Unfortunately, its data export format is a bit bizarre (it’s CSV, Jim, but not as we know it). So I decided to convert it to a tolerable-structured JSON output before using it, and have put it on the web for anyone to use. source is also available on github if you care.

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  1. Jemus42

    I’m currently starting to learn SPSS and R, and I was hoping to analyze my sleep as android data as some kind of learning exercise on the side (and because I like graphs). While I tried to read the exported csv in R and SPSS respectively, I realized that I would either need to analyze the csv beforehand or find some really niche tool that converted it for me. And that’s when I googled around and found this. Looks really promising, thanks a lot :)

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