Drinks from the weekend

So I had a birthday party on Saturday. As always seems to happen at my parties, cocktail science was performed. Here are the only two I came up with (or at least that I remember):

Faith Healer

So called because it has no medicinal properties and lies to you shamelessly, but for a brief period of time you feel a lot better.

Ingredients: Sloe gin, Orange Juice, Crabbies (alcoholic) Ginger Beer.

Process was not terribly precise. I think we used crabbies and orange juice in about a two : one ratio, and sloe gin was probably about a double to a largeish glass.

The result was extremely drinkable. However it had the downside of not tasting even slightly alcoholic, which given that it was probably about the strength of beer caused it to really sneak up on you.

We’ve since considered creating a non-alcoholic version called an evidence based medicine. Replace the crabbies with a normal non-alcoholic ginger beer, and replace the sloe gin with… something. We’re not really sure. I’m considering pomegranate syrup (proper pomegranate syrup, which is extremely sharp, not the shitty stuff you buy under the heading of grenadine which tastes mostly of sugar and red). Anyone know if it’s possible / reasonable to just buy a good sloe syrup?


It turns out that there’s already a drink called a nagasake (egg nog and sake), but this seems to fit the name better.

Ingredients: Tomato juice and sake in equal proportions, a generous helping of chilli vodka. Serve warm.

I wasn’t terribly sold on this. I think I’d have liked it better with more tomato and served cold, closer to a bloody mary. It seemed to be a bit of a marmite drink – some people loved it, some people hated it. I was alas in the second category, despite being its creator.

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