Because ten just wasn’t enough

It was a slow day yesterday at the Aframe offices – no one was making much progress and we were all rather tired. So based on a conversation I had around lunchtime I decided to take a break and work on a little hack: A random commandment generator. I even had a good name for it: “The N Commandments”.

Well, I knocked together a quick prototype in about 20 minutes. Stef loved it and gave me a bunch of good style suggestions (and made me add a facebook like button. sigh), and before I knew it nearly the whole dev team was chiming in with suggesting tweaks to the generator and avidly refreshing the page.

So the site grew pretty quickly from my initial black text on white screen and nothing else prototype, and is now online.

The commandments range from the utterly absurd to ones which should probably have been included up front.

Some of my favourites:

Oh, by the way, it also has an API of sorts: Add .json to any of the URLs to get a JSON representation.

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