The role of a CTO

IRC conversation with Al Davidson

< DRMacIver> I must admit to only having a relatively vague idea of what a CTO job involves (and a much stronger conviction that I don’t want one any time soon).
< DRMacIver> As I’m fairly sure that craig isn’t typical of the role.
< al_> i think you’re right on that score
< DRMacIver> My impression is that it seems to be somewhere more in the realm of “You’re supposed to get to work on the fun stuff but so much of your time is taken up by boring administrative crap that you don’t get to, but it’s still your fault if it goes wrong”
< al_> bingo
< DRMacIver> I see the old chestnut of “take rosy eyed view of the world and apply cynicism until it starts to weep” still works.
< al_> david, i think you just described the human experience in a nutshell

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