Sweet and spicy roast aubergine

This was a very simple recipe, but it produced really good results.

How to make it: Take the aubergine, slice it in half lengthways and then cut the halves into strips so you you end up with long strips of aubergine each with some of the peel on them. Lay them out in a small roasting tin (you should basically be covering the bottom of the tin with the aubergine), cover in the marinade and roast for abotu an hour until the marinade has all evaporated leaving only goo and auberinge.

How to make the marinade: Adjust quantities to amount of aubergine. For one smallish auberigne I used about half a cup of water, two tea spoons of white sugar, one tea spoon of salt, one tea spoon of chipotle chiles in adobo, a dash of balsamic vinegar and liberal amounts of olive oil (probably a couple table spoons – roughly the amount you’d normally roast this much aubergine).

The time to evaporate the water and then roast the aubergine basically obliterates it, but in a very good way – you end up with very soft aubergine still just sticking to the peel. It’s sweet, spicy, slightly smoky from the chipotle in adobo, and very very tasty. I ate this served with corn bread, but it would probably work slightly better as a side dish to something else.

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