Chakchouka, of sorts

I was reading Wild Cooking earlier, and it mentioned Chakchouka. I didn’t read it too carefully, but it sounded delicious. So, when I got back from the gym feeling (for basically the first time since I embarked on this bizarre exercise in self flagellation) energetic rather than completely destroyed and with my body going “feeed meee proteeein!!!” it was basically inevitable what I would make.

That is to say, something which was almost, but not completely, entirely unlike chakchouka.

The ingredients lists are broadly similar though, and I’m definitely chalking this one as a win due to it being amazing.

Here’s what it was: Two bell peppers, one yellow one green, a handful of cherry tomatoes, pierced but otherwise whole, and three sliced linda mccartney vegetarian sausages, all fried in olive oil with salt and a dollop of chipotle in adobo sauce (this stuff is amazing. Spicey, smokey and slightly sweet. Get yourself some and thank me later). At the last minute, I added two lightly scrambled eggs and stirred till it coated everything, then served the whole thing topped with coarse grated parmesan.

This was a LOT of food. Way more than I actually needed.

I have no regrets.

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