You Might Not Know…

…that Mike and I have been working on a secret project.

Some time last year a friend gave me a really good piece of advice. I don’t even remember what it was about – it was something totally minor. Useful at the time, but not something that particularly sticks in your memory. What did stick in my memory was the realisation that everyone has a pile of these little unexpected ways of doing things which plenty of people could use, yet most of them go unshared. This seems like a shame.

So, Mike and I set out to fix that. After a fair bit of work and a lot more procrastination, we give you You Might Not Know: A site for sharing those tips and tricks for life that you might otherwise not have.

I’m pretty pleased with how it’s gone so far. There’s still plenty left to do, but I find what’s there remarkably pleasant and easy to use, in no small part due to Mike being way better at user experience and design than I am.

So, do go check it out. If you’ve got something to share, great! Even if not, have a browse. Maybe you’ll learn something useful.

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