Creative cooking on half a brain

Bwrgh. I can’t brain this evening.

Hmm. I should do dinner. What should I do?

What did I have for lunch? Rice, salmon teriyaki and edamame. I should avoid things like that.

Hm. And I just had a croissant for breakfast. Low veg day. I should do something with veg.

Oh, there’s an onion squash still on the counter. Squash is a vegetable. I should do that.

Chop chop chop. Hm. What do I do with it? Well, it’s nice and hollow, I should put something in it.

Needs a starch? Does it? I’ve had a fair bit today and have snacked, so maybe not.

Yeah, it needs a starch. but what? No rice. Had that for lunch. I have bread. Can I use that? No. I don’t feel like bread.

Ooh. I’ve not done polenta in a while. Would that work as a stuffing? Yes it would. Mmm. Polenta. Start the squash roasting and I’ll put some polenta on the stove to bubble away.

Wow, this dish has like no protein.

Oh, hey, pistachios. Let’s shell those and put them in the dish.

Man, shelling these is a lot of work.

Hmmm. What else can I put in this?

Cheese. I have cheese. That turkish cheese. kefa…teria? kefalotyri. like parmesan, only not.

Apparently also not turkish. Oh well.

This isn’t sounding very vegetabley, is it?

What else can I do?

Oh, I have tomato passata left. Tomatoes are a vegetable.

No, they’re not a fruit, they’re a vegetable dammit.

Hm. These squash are smaller than I thought. I can’t fit all the polenta I made in there. And there are more pistachios than I thought. Oh well, still room for a little tomato.

It’s more of a sauce than a vegetable ingredient anyway…

Now add the cheese.

Cool. I’ve made little pizzas on top of the squash.

I like pizza.

Now to wait.

So much waiting…



Ooh, food.


I think next time I’ll save creativity for when I’ve got a working brain.

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