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This site has a fair few readers. Nothing phenomenal: Google analytics tells me I get somewhere around 100 hits per day of whom about half are repeat visitors. It spikes when someone (often me) posts an article I wrote on reddit and hordes of irate people come here to tell me I’m an idiot (or, every now and then, to agree with me).

But it’s very much a one way channel. I’m talking at you rather than with you. That’s fine, but it only goes so far. A dialogue would be nice too. I don’t really know much about my readers, and I’d like to.

As an experiment to further this, I’ve created an IRC channel for the site. If it takes off, I’ll create a page for logs, etc. here and some more stuff for site/channel integration. But in the meantime, why not join me in #drmaciver on Freenode if you want to have a chat.

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