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I decided to have another go at using to manage my bookmarks, as I’ve realised I have a serious problem of not being able to find stuff I’ve liked.

After playing around with it a bit, I was convinced to give it a serious try. There was just one problem. I already have those links I want to find. How do I get them all into delicious?

The ones I care most about are my reddit liked pages. So, how to get them out of reddit? Well, some poking around shows that although reddit doesn’t have a formal API it does expose a lot of its data in moderately convenient forms. So I wrote a reddit liked bulk exporter.

Then it occurred to me that a large part of the utility of delicious was that everything was tagged, and that that coming from reddit was very under tagged (I could and did use the subreddits as tags, but that’s not quite enough). So I wrote a bulk title to tag converter. It’s really very basic – you’ll end up with a bunch of not so great tags as well as the good ones – but it does the job adequately.

So now came the time to get it into delicious. Delicious has an API, so it was straightforward enough. I wrote a bulk delicious importer.

All of these are super basic scripts, and they need a long way before they become fully featured tools in their own right, but they’re all at least mildly useful as they currently stand. I may elaborate one or more of them into a proper project, or I may not bother, but either way maybe someone else will find these useful.

Update: And the next Step: StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon does not expose anything that even resembles an API. Were I the paranoid sort I would say that in fact they go out of their way to make their site unusable for anything except a browser running the plugin. Fortunately, I *had* a browser running the plugin. After about half an hour of dicking around with curl and cookies and getting nowhere fast I ended up automating scraping the list view of my stumbleupon favourites with a trivial chickenfoot script (I’ve lost the code, but it really was trivial). I then wrote this script to parse the resulting html and output it as json suitable for the delicious bulk import.

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2 thoughts on “Some useful scripts

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  2. Patrick Vanhoucke

    Nice scripts you make.

    What I’m looking for is something that can grab all the links from any chosen webpage and automatically import it into Delicious. So the same kind of thing you can do by importing your browser bookmarks, but now with any kind of webpage.

    Would that be possible?

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