More kittens: Improving edge weight calculations

One of the problems with my old kitten clustering was that inside the black bits (text, the kitten, etc) the clustering descended into a chaotic rainbow of teeny tiny clusters.This turns out to be little to do with the clustering and more to do with the slightly moronic way I’d calculated edge weights, which was doing a bad job between dark colours. I’ve simplified the calculation, so the following should be more indicative of how markov clustering clusters this sort of thing:


The clusters are still very small, but now recognisable rather than just dots.

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t going anywhere in particular. I’m just experimenting and figured I may as well do it in public.

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6 thoughts on “More kittens: Improving edge weight calculations

  1. J. Sueeth

    I just thought you should know, your mix of Jackson Pollack and Picasso styles is most certainly getting printed and hung somewhere at work. Hopefully with your newly improved brush strokes, people can see the majesty of the kitten!

  2. Peter

    The bottom kitten looks to me like a horse facing towards the right. It’s a kitten->horse translation filter!

  3. PaintingAdept

    right.. i know but the painting style is looking somewhat similiar.. ( but maybe that’s just me)

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