I recieved the strangest message earlier.

“HOt SlutS will be begg1nG for your cock!!!”

Well, yes. I suppose they could be. But it would be a bit childish, don’t you think?

Anyway, I tracked it down to an old archive machine. It seems it had been purely in monitor mode, but through some bug or malice had started forwarding messages from its data source. Rather odd ones, but that in itself wasn’t so remarkable.

Still, it was curious, and I had a few minutes spare time, so I thought I’d investigate further.

It seems it was a very old archive machine, hooked up to the most marvelously archaic setup. A few million ancient computers scattered across the planet, all connected up together with fiber optics. They must have been decades old. I’d never seen the like.

It seemed mostly to be concerned with sending text like the above amongst itself. There were a couple common variations – something to do with “viagra”  or “cialis” (perhaps they were the same thing?) appeared to be the most common theme, but “amateurs” featured frequently as well.

Each piece of text would be sent from one machine to many others. Sometimes it would stop there, sometimes it would be forwarded to another. Occasionally the same mail would be passed on to further recipients. More often it would simply sit there, eventually getting deleted.

It was all very peculiar. I couldn’t quite see the point of it to be honest. Clearly some sort of laboratory experiment someone left running and forgot about. I suppose it might be interesting to some people – there’s no accounting for taste.

Anyway, I took a backup of the whole thing and then shut it down.

It wouldn’t do to let this sort of thing get out of hand after all.

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