New site design

As you might have noticed if you don’t just come here via the RSS feed, I’ve spent the last day or two redesigning my site (with a fair bit of help from Victoria). The old layout had started to piss me off – the sidebar always either looked too small or too cluttered whatever I put in it, and the lack of definition for the posts made everything look a bit amateurish.

Which is not to say the new look is a miracle of modern design either, but I’m a lot happier with it.

If you notice any bugs with the new version (stuff I’ve forgotten to update, browser bugs, etc.) please let me know. Particularly those of you using IE (that is, IE7+. If you’re  using IE6, get yourself a real browser), as I’ve only tested on firefox and konkeror (the latter is usually bug compatible enough with Safari that I’d expect it to work). Feel free to suggest any visual improvements as well, but I’m more likely to ignore those. :-)

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2 thoughts on “New site design

  1. TK

    I thoroughly approve of the new design (happily working in elinks), although I’m shocked to see just the one post in “Rambling Nonesense”…

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