A follow up to yesterday’s article

There seems to have been a lot of misunderstanding about what yesterday’s article was about. Mostly from people who didn’t read past the topic. So, here’s a summary version more in line with your attention spans.


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6 thoughts on “A follow up to yesterday’s article

  1. thom

    I guess your article the other day could have been titled “Functional Code !=> Good Code” where “!=>” means “does not (necessarily) imply”. The “!” ideally would be a cross through the =>. anyway..

  2. david Post author

    It could. But the title was still accurate and the meaning was clear to people who actually bothered to read the article rather than have a kneejerk reaction to it. I stand by the title as it currently is.

  3. Josh Suereth

    Just wanted to say I appreciated the first post a lot. I’d be concerned If I still had the feeling that all FP programmer believe that FP code is automatically better than other styles of coding.

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