Removing myself from Artima Scala Buzz

This is a minor announcement – I’m going to be taking this blog off Artima Scala Buzz fairly imminently.

There are various reasons for this. The primary one is that Scala is a horrible, terrible language and its community is full of awful people with whom I don’t want to be associated.

Um, no. That’s not right.

I fully intend to be blogging about Scala just as much as I have in the past. Similarly participating on the mailing lists occasionally and on the IRC channel frequently. I like you lot really. :-)

Basically this blog is going to be covering an increasingly diverse set of topics as I integrate my cooking blog with it and start expanding out onto other subjects. Scala buzz is specifically for blogs which are primarily about Scala. I was originally planning to set up a Scala specific feed and channel it there, but then I realised that I deeply dislike the Buzz’s behaviour anyway. It produces tiny little (and usually mangled) precis of the posts and then when you click on them it takes you fucking Artima’s forums, not the original post. This is really rude.

So, I’ll be taking myself off it in a few days once I’m sure the people who care have seen this post. If you want to keep reading my stuff, please subscribe to the feed directly.

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2 thoughts on “Removing myself from Artima Scala Buzz

  1. Erik Engbrecht

    Have you considered setting it up so you can do RSS feeds for a certain tag on your blog? That’s what I do so only Scala related posts go to Scala Buzz.

  2. david Post author

    I have. In fact, it probably works already. That was my original plan, but then I realised that I dislike the way Scala buzz behaves sufficiently much that there was little point in my staying on it.

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