GUI interpreter frontend coming along nicely

I’ve separated the interpreter frontend out into its own separate project. It’s available at

It’s doing pretty well. The UI has been improved, it supports multiple interpreter windows in the same VM, and is generally in a pretty usable state. It still has a few quirks, but it’s getting there (still a little bit of a headache to set up, but I’ll work on that). My plans for the immediate future mainly revolve around UI polishing and embeddability – I’d like it to be really easy to include this inside another (Jambi) application. hemant / gnufied has been taking a look at the code and has some interesting plans for it, starting with syntax highlighting. I’ve given him commit access, so we’ll see what happens on that front.

If you want to give it a try, go right ahead. You’ll need to resolve the Jambi dependency yourself, but otherwise it should be pretty easy (I will probably set up some sort of maven (sigh) repository for the jambi dependencies and switch the build script over to buildr so it can use them at some point, but I haven’t yet).

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One thought on “GUI interpreter frontend coming along nicely

  1. hemant

    Thanks David, for commit rights. BTW, Syntax highlighting has been implemented. Move to buildr is also done. There are also some minor niceties for making life easier. Autocompletion is next task in list.

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