A reminder of how WordPress handles RSS feeds

Those of you who read my blog for the programming content might have been rather surprised to learn how to make parmesan and tomato polenta yesterday. Similarly those of you who have come here from “Playing with your food” are probably thinking “What on earth is a Scala and how do I cook it?”

Well, fear not. Those of you who lie in the set programmers ^ cooks need not view the content you don’t care about. They’re set up in different categories, and wordpress allows you to view just a single category or to subscribe to a feed for a specific category. The category specific pages are linked on the left, and if you add “feed” to the URL for a category you will get an RSS feed that covers only that particular one. For example, the feed for programming is http://www.drmaciver.com/category/programming/feed

If you do subscribe to a particular category, I’d appreciate it if you also subscribe to the “Admin” category. I’ll use it to make announcements that are important to readers in general, including the addition of new categories which you might be interested in.

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One thought on “A reminder of how WordPress handles RSS feeds

  1. Zarkonnen

    Yum, Scala. I usually find it goes best lightly fried with some olive oil and just a sprinkling of salt and pepper. But do try to find fresh Scala from the market – anything that’s been out of the water for more than a day is no good.

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