More Asus hilarity

So, Asus have managed to accrue some more black marks this week.

I called on monday to say “Hi, now that you’ve had a look on it could you give me a more useful answer about how long it’s going to take to repair my laptop?”

Their answer: “We can’t find anything wrong with it. Could you send us your power supply?”.

Ok, that’s something at least. I tested on every conceivable combo of power supply and battery, but I suppose it’s possible that the power supply conked out and the battery ate itself as a result and couldn’t recharge from it.

Anyway, I said no, could they just send me the laptop back, I’ll buy a new power supply. (Subtext: These people are so fucking slow that if we get into the sending random parts back and forth game I’ll never get my laptop back). And, incidentally, had they been planning to tell me this at any point?

“Oh, yes, we would have called you today”.

Fuck they would have. Asus and their subsidiaries have not once volunteered information without me having to drag it out of them. Anyway, they agreed to send it back.

Fast forward to today. They managed to score two black marks.

a) They delivered the power supply I purchased. To the wrong address. I very explicitly gave my work address as the delivery one, so they cheerfully delivered it to home instead. ‘Fortunately’ I overslept dramatically (I was at work till 11:30 laat night. :-( ) and was still there when the package arrived.

b) I still don’t have a laptop returned, so I called them up today. After much being on hold, getting randomly hung up on, and general intense annoyingness of their phone system it was confirmed that no they had in fact not made any note whatsoever of an intent to send it back. They claim it will be sent out today and should arrive tomorrow. We’ll see.

At this point I’m almost tempted to just buy a second laptop from Dell even if the new power supply works perfectly. The benefits of never having to deal with these people again are surely worth the price of a laptop…

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4 thoughts on “More Asus hilarity

  1. David R. MacIver

    Indeed. I’ve always found Dell’s customer service top notch. The problem is that I don’t like their computers much. :-)

  2. rob

    heh not *TOO* bad..i cant close my lid w/o the risk i may not get my display back until a reboot :-x <3 my inspiron :)

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