Static vs. Dynamic Typing

Rah. Dynamic typing is evil. It lets you do totally unsafe things.

Err, no. Wait, that’s not right. Static typing is evil. It’s ugly and gets in the way and real programmers don’t make type errors anyway, do they? Are you saying you’re not a real programmer???

No, wait. Umm…

I’m so confused…

Want to know what I really think about static vs. dynamic typing? (no you don’t. I’m going to tell you anyway).

I wish the entire goddamn argument would go away.

Seriously, shoo. Buzz off.

There’s no reason there should be a one true language in which you do everything. None. Sometimes language Foo is better, sometimes language Bar is better. Given this, there’s no reason Foo can’t be dynamically typed and Bar statically typed.

Neither is better. Each have their strengths and weaknesses. People have their preferences, tasks have their requirements. Sometimes you’re better off choosing one or the other, sometimes you’re more comfortable choosing one or the other. When there’s a compelling reason to make a decision between the two (which is so much less often than the fanatics on both sides of the argument want you to think), follow that reason. When there’s not, use whichever you prefer.

But, in the mean time, shut the fuck about it. Far too many good and interesting discussions about languages turn into poo flinging between the type system monkeys. Shut up, grow up and get over it. There are more interesting things to talk about in the subject than whether certain operations should fail at run or compile time.

That is all.

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