Hm. Java byte code has a goto, and goto is already a reserved word in Java. Now that javac is open source, I wonder how much work adding goto to Java would be?

Note because it’s a good idea or anything. Simply out of pure malice. :-)

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  1. Wilf

    While trying to convert a Fortran application ( a large complicated monster of an app.) I stumbled across the many gotos.

    The solution, I created a Goto class to extend and then a GotoLoader that does bytecode modification on the class at run time.

    The class is error-proof since the base class immediately crashes if not converted (a asafety feature) and the gotos supported also include the famed MS FORTRAN 5.1 multi-goto where the goto has more than one label and jumps based on an index variable.

    It jumps into,outof, around, as expected of a real goto implementation and its very fast since its in bytecode.

    The link on my blog is:

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