Coding standards

I’ve grown to really hate the coding standards at work, in a few key regards. Not coding standards in general, but ours just seem designed to make more work for us.

Most of them really are more work, but some of them have a useful purpose even so (some of them don’t. I’m really sick of preceding field names with m). I’ve been writing a bunch of code this weekend for a toy project of mine; previously I’d more or less stuck to our coding standards with a few minor omissions. In particular I was using the same layout at work. But, because of the way I’m increasingly coding, this was resulting in obscene amounts of whitespace. So, I decided to change it a bit and see where it took me. One thing led to another, and with the new layout I was increasingly inclined to follow my new approach.

Without further ado, here’s a snippet of some sample code.

So, in summary, why do we have these coding standards? It’s to protect you from people like me. :-)

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