Mombasa Pumpkin Desert

Rather than given an account of this one, I’m just going to refer you to the original recipe.

The only major change I made to this was that I added some water to it. This was a mistake – the pumpkin gives off a huge amount of water on it’s own, so this made the sauce way too watery.

That being said, it tasted quite nice. The pumpkin was overcooked when I did it, but that’s because I was trying to reduce the overabundance of liquid. I think it could use being slightly less sweet though – I’d probably use about half a cup less sugar. Alternatively, I used about a kilo of chopped pumpkin for the amount of ingredients suggested. Using maybe half again this much would probably be advisable (but given that the sweetness was in the sauce, this probably wouldn’t make it less sweet – you’d just be getting less sauce per pumpkin bit).

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