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Ooooooh. Shiny!

When I built this computer I bought two very nice monitors to go with it.

I then promptly discovered that I had *no idea* how to make two monitors work under linux. X configuration is dark magic to me. Consequently the second monitor got shunted to my other machine and I’ve had a spare old monitor kicking around for a while.

However, my computer recently died and I had to reinstall, and in doing so and poking around with video settings I discovered that the “nvidia-settings” program includes support for making multiple monitors work flawlessly. A few quick clicks and I had the two monitors working side by side very nicely. Yay!

I do however note that Gnome doesn’t handle them that well. This will probably induce me to finally get off my ass and try a better window manager. I tried Enlightenment earlier, but E16 didn’t work, the repository version of E17 is kinda unstable (not to mention Enlightenment is *really confusing*, but I’m sure I’d get used to it) and I haven’t quite worked up the courage/botheredness to install the CVS version yet.

Anyone know what a good window manager is for use with xinerama? Should I be giving XMonad a try?

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