Consulting and training

I offer general consulting and training around the subject of code quality and testing in general, and how to improve your testing using Hypothesis in particular.

If you could use some help with this and aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch for a general consult and discussion, but I also offer some specific products.

Hypothesis Training

If you’re a company who wants to improve their testing by introducing Hypothesis, or you’re already using Hypothesis but want to improve how you’re using it, I can provide that.

The best place to start is with either of the following one day workshops:

Practical Workshops

These are very hands on workshops with the goal being to get your existing code better tested using Hypothesis.

We start with a small amount of theory and a general overview of all the capabilities of the library (including some that people may have missed on first reading), then a general discussion and planning session, and then as a group start to apply Hypothesis to your code.

My role in this becomes one of generally guiding people in the right direction: Answering specific “How do I do this thing?” questions, but also providing guidance, suggesting better approaches, and generally trying to guide people out of false starts and road blocks and helping them short cut a lot of the mistakes people make when they’re learning.

At the end of the workshop we should have both a whole set of new tests for your code (which will probably have uncovered some bugs along the way), and your engineers should have a much better grasp of how to use Hypothesis.

This is particularly suitable for mid level to senior developers who are already very familiar with your code and simply want to learn how to use Hypothesis in their day to day work.

Theory Driven Workshops

I can also do workshops which are much more structured. This will be a mix of Hypothesis specific material and general testing theory.

In this we will go through a series of examples and talk about how to test them. Attendees will then work through these problems and writing tests for them and discover a lot about the functionality of the library and also the general processes of debugging, testing and writing correct code.

These will be less tailored to the particular problems that you face, but may be more useful for junior developers and new teams. Even senior developers will get a much more well rounded view of Hypothesis than the more focused hands on workshop.

Custom training

If there is something specific you want to focus on, or if you want longer or shorter than one day, get in touch and we can put together something better suited for your needs.