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Weekly reading post #3

Random things I’ve been reading this week

(I’m going to stop recording hour counts here, as it’s fiddly to keep track of separately from tagtime and you probably don’t care. This remains a random sample by time though)

Specific things I’ve been reading this week

Here are some things I’ve read in the last week that were memorable and interesting enough to note here but didn’t actually get a tagtime ping (this is mostly mined from my read items in feedbin and stars on twitter). As such this is a much more biased sample of what I actually read than the above, but maybe it’s also interesting for rather than despite that.

Gifted books

No wishlist books this week. That’s really very OK given that it was a slow reading week and I’m massively backed up on books right now.

I did do an interesting thing with my wishlist though, which is that I wrote a script that randomly shuffles items to the top: The list is rather huge and keeps growing, and because of the way Amazon displays it to people that creates a massive recency bias, so this is designed to offset that by taking five random books from history and move them to the top.

Caveat emptor: I’ve only tested this on my one wishlist, and while I believe it is allowed in the Amazon terms of services I Am Not A Lawyer.

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Weekly reading post #2

This is the weekly reading post. It should have been published yesterday but I forgot.

This Week’s Reading

Gifted books

The following books have arrived from my thank you wishlist:

Reading Suggestion Request

I’ve noticed that my non-fiction reading habits skew very male (my fiction reading habits skew in the opposite direction). A lot of that is about the gender bias of who publishes in areas I’m most interested in, but this still bothers me and I’d like to put some effort into fixing it.

So, I’d like recommendations for blogs and books by women that you think I’d find interesting as well. Comments are open for once, so feel free to post there or elsewhere as you prefer.

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Weekly reading post #1

I’m going to be posting one of these every Sunday. It’s a catalogue of what I’ve been reading recently, any new books I’ve acquired or been gifted, etc.

Recent Reading

A statistical estimate of what I’ve spent time reading this week (0.4 hours – i.e. 24 minutes – is the smallest unit of granularity for the estimator):

New books

I’ve had five(!) new books gifted to me from the wish list recently.

These are:

Thanks hugely to all of you, and especially to Thomas for getting me three books at once!

I think I failed to mention this before, but I’m putting these on a goodreads shelf and reviewing them as I read them. Of the above I’ve given up on Militant Anti-Fascism (it’s not at all what I was expecting, and not in a good way), but I really enjoyed Utopia for Realists and the final quarter of Boyd would have to take a serious turn for the weird and worse for me to not also be able to recommend that. The others I’ve not yet started on.

Book Triaging

I’ve done a big sort out of my book collection into books I am likely to reread (or have too much sentimental attachment to even if I don’t) and books that realistically in the unlikely event that I want to reread them I can just buy them again. The latter are available for give away. In person delivery only for now, but if I’m likely to see you and you’d like me to bring you a book from the list, let me know.

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